Doodal (Pishtaco)

2v1rix4a freehand fractal drawing program.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is really neat.

    Don’t miss that you can grab the edges and corners of the orange frame to adjust how the vanishing point works. (I’m sure I’m not grasping the math here, but the whole thing became a thousand times more satisfying once I started playing with the outer frame.)

    It would also be neat to see this combined with a Processing.js project from a few years back called Harmony (which appears to be open source).

  2. this is pretty fantastic – wish I could get the line width to vary as in the preview shot

  3. fotocopiadora

    this is so fun


    Great stuff! It would be nice to have save and resolution change buttons placed on top, since some screens are not as high as expected (Samsung Notebook , etc,…)