Destroy your home (fabienporee)

Destroy Your HomeEnough is enough.[Author’s Description]

(via Paul Hack)

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. oh no … i destroyed my home

  2. There’s a great bonus game tucked away in here called “Bring the Dog a Treat.” The treat is the radio. I’m almost sure it was merely a coincidence, but the moment I managed to get the radio within the dog’s broadcast range I was launched 30 feet up in the air. I won! But the radio stopped broadcasting before I could make them actually touch. I guess “Bring the Dog a Treat” has a strict time limit.

    That said, my house is still standing, so at least I have somewhere to return to. It’s going to be lonely in there without my radio.

  3. This is actually fun for some reason… 😆

  4. The world seems to go on forever, I walked away until I couldn’t see my home in the distance and was thus lost.

  5. There’s something really therapeutic about this.

  6. If I had more time, I’d do a tumblr that just posted screenshots of this game.

  7. Since you can walk on any surface as long as it is low enough a height to walk onto smoothly, if one half of your house is destroyed and still has the second floor, you can walk on the ruins to get back onto it. I like that.