Chaos Collapse (Sushin00)

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 08.41.22
Escape a collapsing building with your expert jumping abilities while attempting to rescue less-fortunate bystanders.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I can’t actually play this because the controls don’t respond, and the music isn’t great.

  2. I love how trash the sound is! that ready set go thing is so evocative of old arcade count ins. Also the randomness of how the building falls apart is excellent.

  3. I feel the randomness of the falling, as well as how easily you end up dying make the game frustrating to no end. I was hardly able to beat the 3rd level and by at least 5-6 restarts I just game up.

  4. Too random and difficult. At least make direction changes instant!

  5. The execution isn’t the best thing ever, but this is a really fun combo of the platformer and physics castle destruction genre. I had a lot of fun frantically trying to dodge the falling beams. It’s made better by the wonkiness of the physics and the health system.

  6. Xouls use better color/contrast thought put into the different beam types. (just for simple readability, not to mention color blind type of concerns.)

  7. This games sloppy and unpredictable but I kinda prefer it that way. I like how I’m never sure how much involvement I have in the destruction of the building because without knowing this it, forces me to play along and do what I think is working. I wouldn’t necessarily call that good design, but I’m certainly having fun.

  8. This fit the theme of the Chaos Jam for which it was designed perfectly. I loved the concept so much, but it turned out to be a little too chaotic. There really is no way to predict exactly what the building is going to do.