TOOM (Mike Kasprzak, Derek Laufman)


Our apologies. The game is rather nonsensical, but you can win. We had some ideas we loved, but cut many of them to make the deadline. Stay tuned, we’re hoping to do a “Directors Cut” post compo. 🙂[Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. This is gorgeous, but I can’t accomplish anything except cook one thing, defrost another thing, and drink soda. Anyone have any hints?

    • Throw stuff at the fan. That’s a nice balance between direct and spoiler-free I guess.

      • Thanks, that got me through to the end. I have to agree that most of it makes no sense. Played again to make sure (a replay takes 2 minutes if you know what to do).

        Guebjvat n frirerq urnq ng gur sna fbzrubj znxrf n sybccl qvfx cbc bhg bs gur GI. Uzz. Naq fb gur jubyr guvat vf n thl trggvat ernql gb gnxr n qhzc?

  2. Wow, nonsensical is right. Looks great, though.

  3. Well, I’d love to play this, but apparently it’s stuck at somewhere in the vicinity of five frames per second. I’m using Opera, so I guess that must be it.

  4. loved the visuals in this. You should defo extend this, very compelling.