Lesbian Spider Mars Queens (Andi McClure)

This is an FPS version of Anna Anthropy‘s game Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars that I made for Anna for her birthday.[Author’s description]

[Download for Linux]
[Download for Mac]
[Download for Windows]


  1. I didn’t like this game. The execution was poor.
    However, it’s really close to the original.

    I’m also thankful because polycode is an awesome framework and I’d never herd of it if it wasn’t thanks tot his.

  2. probably don’t play this if you have issues with motion sickness

    not a whole lot of fun to play, but it’s pretty cool to see such a literal translation of Lesbian Spider Queens into a first person view

    • I was originally hoping it could be a lot more literal 😀 I was originally curious what would happen if you reproduced a arcade game mechanic’s in 3D precisely but then changed the perspective (and thus limited your view etc). But it isn’t a very precise replica at all and I wound up just implementing 2 or 3 features and then focusing on trying to wring hectic arcade-ness out of them… Anyway thanks for playing.

  3. I like how

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    I made it to castle 5, but couldn’t get any further.