GRAVEDIG.TWS (Leon Arnott)


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  1. This is fantastic, sophisticated in all sort of ways, most notably, perhaps, how the story-telling structure reflects the words-add-to-or-replace-other-words Twine macros. (It’s there in the first passage even, the way the “fine time to be out” line quavers between a flat read and an ironic one as the context is expanded by each click.)

    Also, is this the first twine game to skip the return-to-intro-screen-loop at the end? Regardless, it’s such a strong (and chilling) choice here. I’m really surprised how effective it felt, the uncanniness of a Twine page with no links.

  2. If anyone’s especially interested, I put a visually made-over version up on my site:

  3. An interesting premise served with fluid, captivating use of hyperlinks. I liked the ending, felt definitive and foreboding.