Gods Will Be Watching (Deconstructeam)


We tried to approach Minimalism trough gameplay. Isolated on a single stage, with a few a possible actions, you must endure trough a 40 days survival until the Sgt. Burden’s crew can be rescued. Enjoy the puzzle and stay alive![Author’s description]

[Play Online (HTML5)]


  1. So difficult, though.

    • Yeah, I build the radio and thought I had won, but it turns out you have to wait the full 40 turns! Everyone ran off soon after!

  2. Really impressive in how it distills survival management to some of its most interesting components. The character art is not only lovely to look at, but the way that animation is used to convey the state of each person is brilliant. The possible actions are remarkably balanced too, as each one seems to serve an equally important function. The same could be said about the characters too.

    In short, playing it made me feel desperate and completely captivated. I could only suggest getting someone to do a quick proofread of your text as it’s the only area I found lacking!

  3. argh i was 10 days away

  4. this is way too hard but i cant stop playing

  5. Made it! Saved everyone!

    Lots of group therapy is the key. The crazy is contagious.

  6. Agree that this is a harsh experience. You have to bear down on all the essentials, too — I lost the Psychiatrist to Medusa because I didn’t notice that she was paralyzed and I was too busy trying to keep up food supplies.

    • My current cycle of failure consists of surviving for a while and then committing suicide when the entire camp goes insane simultaneously.

  7. The damn psychiatrist or the engineer always go crazy no matter how much group therapy I do 🙁 I love the game though.
    the doctor told though that I don’t have to worry about a character burning or going mad if they’re sick.. so maybe leaving them sick for a while is a good thing?

    • 29 days is my new best.. ran out of bullets and got attacked by predators.. I guess there is no way to counter that

  8. My entire team went mad on day 40. Sgt Burden proclaimed victory and promptly killed himself.

  9. I think it would be a better mechanic if talking increased peoples’ mood more the more often you use it on them. And it would be a better game if their stories/dialogue were fleshed out more.

    Obviously within the confines of the Ludum Dare the game is still a great achievement.

  10. Great game.

  11. Can’t get it to load, stops at 70% and hangs.

  12. This is awesome, but you really need a confirmation dialog on the kill option 🙁

  13. okay so here’s some quick tips.

    1. Talk to people to make them less depressed. Listen to what they have to say. most of what they say are clues for how to win the game.

    2. Checking the robot readout doesn’t cost an action point. use it often and watch how talking to an individual effects the psychological score(because it doesn’t give you a readout of the people in order) the Engineer will tell you the correct order to read the robot’s readout.

    3. if group therapy isn’t working on an individual follow up with additional talking on the next turn.

    4. try to devote at least 2 or more attempts at food with the dog per turn early in the game, try to maintain a surplus of food so you can focus on therapy every other turn. use the dog early on and as you enter the last week or so you can hunt with the soldier.

    5. You start with a lot of food and no disease so use that to your advantage and get the radio fixed as soon as possible. spend four action points on the radio on turns 1 and 3. devote turn 2 to group therapy.

    6. If you’re doing group therapy every other turn you’re doing something right.

  14. My strategy is simple:
    1. Use all your free action points to hunt with the dog for the first two turns.
    2. Use the engineer on the radio until he goes mad.
    3. Kill everyone except the soldier.
    4. Alternate between talking to the soldier and using the robot to repair the radio until you win.