Future Development Company (Nigoro)

the rebirth of the real-time simulation puzzler[Author’s description]

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  1. Argh, Stage 4 is too fast for me. I have no idea what triggers the vital advancement and it comes in when I have 3 days left.

    • Can the actual victory condition/objective in a puzzle game be considered a spoiler?

      Spoiler Inside: Here's roughly what you need to do in stage 4 SelectShow
  2. Pretty fun, except that I found the pathing bugs and the fact that you couldn’t hire more than 100 people at a time causing massive money pileup and a fatal deficiency of staff absolutely infuriating.

  3. have the debug player on right now, and when the initial cookie warning comes on, i get the following error dialog from the flash player


    oh wait, I forgot that you can’t copy and paste from flash text boxes with standard copy/paste shortcuts. fucking adobe. one sec.

    “TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter url must be non-null.
    at global/flash.net::navigateToURL()
    at error2_10_fla::MainTimeline/pushBtn()

  4. Can’t press the “accept” button on the cookie warning for some reason. Am I being dumb here? I can’t think of what to do.

    • It looks like the game relies on creating a third party cookie with a host field of 256sv.com. Weird that it’s not the domain where the game is hosted and that they don’t just use Flash local storage. So if you explicitly block third party cookies in your browser, the game won’t run unless you make an exception for that domain.

  5. grrrargh I’m trying to download the embedded .swf so I can play offline and the website’s being a cockblocker