Fancy Palace (斉藤 新平)


[Play online (Flash)]
[Download for Windows]


    • I suck at this game, I can’t even get past level 4. 😳

      (No holes, no way to lose the ball, I foolishly think it’ll be easy but definitely not)

      EDIT: Yep, just keep getting trashed. Getting to level 8 is amazing.

    • Intense. I like how the avatar at the bottom means you need to strategically pick what you reflect. I generally like more direct control over the ball in games like this, but there’s so much on screen that predictability works well.

      Got to the (final?) boss after level 8 down to 1/5 health before losing it all twice: dealing with the ball, the shrapnel bricks and the firebombs is crazy.

  1. Beat it, first try! 😀
    Mostly by luck, I have nothing in the way of skill, but real fun wow what a game

  2. Wow this surprised me! Incredibly fun, and deeper than it first appears.

    Also, I found a Windows download.