Composition 37 (Nuprahtor)

composition 37

WASD – movement

Left Mouse Button – action

Right Mouse Button – cancel action[Author’s description]

[Play Online]


  1. I feel like I’m on a living SCP page. Phones everywhere and occasionally one of them rings but never long enough for you to pick it up. No idea how to progress. Some spoilers would be nice.

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  3. Loved this game. And for those asking, you can get one of the phones in time.

    ❗ *–SPOILERS–* ❗

    You get off the phone and turn around and there’s a hallway. Yo go down and open the door and then it ends in black.


      Okay, So I really like this for playing with a concept I’ve thought about from time to time too, where it’s multiplayer but not overtly presented that way, that’s why it’s got the “dialing… success” at the start while it connects to a central server.

      The phones ring when someone else is playing the game and has picked that phone up in their session.

  4. I liked the pairing of slight visual grain and old vinyl background sound.

    However, no phones rang on my attempts, and the game as it is does not provide much to encourage waiting for it to happen. Leaving it running while doing something else would seem like a cop-out too.

  5. I liked this. Nice to make a human connection now and then! I would have enjoyed it even more if played with headsets so that an actual conversation of maybe three or four seconds was initiated each time…

  6. OK, I just finished it. Yeah, simple ending, it’s just a matter of being lucky and chasing the ringing phone.

  7. Not sure if it’s Chrome but my computer did NOT like this game – going to the page, all I can see is a green square and my mouse cursor refused to move in all applications until I quit the browser.