App Escape (Leon Arnott)

app escape

Thumbing through your smartphone at midnight during a thunderstorm on Saturday the 13th wasn’t as safe an activity as you thought, because somehow you’ve been zapped into the incredibly deadly world of your phone’s menu screen. Fortunately you’ve installed the app that can let you escape, but can you reach it before your lives run out??

Controls: Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to advance cutscenes. – [Author’s description]

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  1. I realize this is a 48 hour game, but this thing is dumb.

    Why are there even lives? Why do we even have the illusion of controls? It’s not like you can do anything other than follow the predetermined path and even if you fail the game ends sooner than you’ll ever run out of lives.

  2. leon arnott’s fetish for tiny ladies moving incredibly slowly is visible here

  3. …well! Not what I expected, but interesting.

  4. haha, wow, that was frustrating