2x0ng (David O’Toole)

Defend the System: use the arrow keys (or numpad) to move your guy, and press spacebar to throw the colored ball.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Linux]
[Download for Linux (Wine)]
[Download for Mac]


  1. It’s a shame, it told me “(no restarts: If you didn’t do this on purpose, please report it as a bug)” and never got past the intro screen.

  2. Hi Mr. Marchand,

    Are you on 64-bit Windows? There is currently a compatibility issue with some versions of 64-bit Windows. I am working on a fix. In the meantime, try updating your windows Service Packs—this fixes it at least on 64-bit Windows 7.

  3. i love bouncing my cube

  4. Hi, good news about the 64-bit crash: I have released an updated Windows version of the game—this SHOULD fix the crash issue that made the game unplayable for some users on 64-bit versions of Windows. This far I’ve had it reported working on 64-bit Windows 8, which is a good sign. Please let me know if this helps you get the game working.

  5. Hi, version 1.0 of 2x0ng is now out for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The links above are to a previous version download, the 1.0 is available here: https://blocky.io/2x0ng.html

    • (A note: when I switched from April 8th’s 1.0rc1c to the latest April 17th 1.0 build I experienced a ton of slowdown on my (admittedly aging) laptop (running XP SP3). Hadn’t had much of a problem with the previous build. After quitting the new build I noticed a bunch of compiler warnings in the still-open terminal window (referring to bare references to structs being deprecated). I couldn’t tell because of the way the terminal window auto-scrolls, but checking while playing suggested that these might have been generated either with every keystroke or at regular frequent intervals.)

  6. This is very, very good. At first I found myself wishing I could choose to start 5 or so levels in, skipping the initial easy ones, but I’ve come around to seeing that the lack of a level select makes the fear of making a mistake that much more consequential. (And you can really speed through those early levels anyway, it turns out, once you’ve gotten a better grasp of things.)

    So far I’ve only reached level 9 or 10, but I’m looking forward to continuing.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you enjoy the game, and glad that you “get” the insanity. However I am wondering whether to allow ONE second chance. Or possibly just 3 lives like in Pacman, with no extra lives—i.e. 2 restarts, that’s it. There are 18 levels! What do you think of a limited restart system?

      • I’m not sure it’s necessary. I reached 14 or 15 the second time I tried it. If I had even one more life, I’d probably finish it without any difficulty.

        I guess it depends on whether you want people finishing it quickly or not, or the intended audience or blah blah whatever.

        One idea is to unlock extra lives as you progress. So if I die on level 10, I get +1 life; level 15 would give +2. Or maybe that’s dumb.

        I dunno how hard the last few levels are, so I guess I can’t really say one way or the other.

      • Yeah, it really comes down to intended audience. There’s something particularly compelling about how unforgiving it is now, but obviously there are a good chunk of people who are going to find it…time-wasting as-is.

        But I’ve only gotten to level 15 or so now (and haven’t played again since — turns out my computer is struggling a bit on some of the levels with bosses) so don’t know how I’ll feel if, say, level 18 proves to be particularly challenging and levels 1 through 17 feel by that point trivial.

  7. Played this a few times.. really addictable.. top job! 😎