Typing with Hands (Loren Schmidt)

typing with hands

Do you have no hands? Do you want to try typing with someone else’s hands? This simulator allows you to experience typing on a keyboard with hands.

Hands made by Kim Moss. – [Author’s description]

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  1. Calling Apple to get this to replace Key Caps in all OS X versions posthaste.

  2. The pinky and thumb movement makes me queasy! The dirty secret of the games industry at large is that the uncanny valley cannot be traversed, even at the far endpoint of photorealism’s trajectory. Imbuing dead things with life is the classic Uncanny structure. Every game is about Frankenstein. There are no games but zombie games.

  3. Kim’s nail polish is really pretty.

  4. This twisted my mind. An optical and kinetic illusion. Wow.

  5. This keyboard is awful, doesn’t support simultaneous input! 😉

  6. no thanks this is just scary and awkward

  7. Weirdly brilliant. This feels like visiting an off the wall art installation — the kind of thing I never get to do these days — from the comfort of my desk. Strange thoughts about bodies and otherness and communication. More please.