TRIAD (Anna Anthropy, Leon Arnott, Liz Ryerson)


A   P U Z Z L E   G A M E – [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]
[Mac Download]


  1. I always love a game with a punchline.

  2. Really enjoyed this. One of the few times I like it when a puzzle game is this difficult.


  4. I love Anna’s games. Simple, touching, and engaging.

  5. It is a very realistic game except I don’t understand why the human characters were not able to sleep with a cat sitting on their heads, is that a limitation people actually have

    Anyway I liked the game a lot

  6. Ah that was great : ) The unicity of the puzzle makes it feel valuable, and the way it’s framed makes it relatable. A well-spent couple of minutes.

  7. i love the animation in this so much

  8. This was a really good 5 minutes. No excuse not to give it a go.

  9. Very nice.

  10. This was good, short and sweet. After i attempted 3 times, my wife came over and solved it. Um… 🙄 good soundtrack too, disturbing in a nice kind of way

  11. videogame zinester superteam. this was great

  12. Still completely stuck on the little puzzle, is that just me 😳 ? Most likely. Still, seems like a very good game with brilliant animation for what it is. 🙂

  13. finally got around to playing this – I liked it!

  14. 2EZ. The diff is shameful 😳

  15. This one took me far too long to figure out 😛 great little game though!