Stranger than Fiction (StuStutheBloo)

Uncover the secrets of a once great alien people through their scriptures[Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

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  1. I wish there was room for a bit more challenge (at minimum, maybe it would be best if it didn’t indicate the correct letters until each page is complete?), but I found this to be surprisingly satisfying. I wonder what sort of game Borges would have made, had the tools been available to him.

    • He wouldn’t’ve liked videogames and wouldn’t’ve taken the time to get the proper setup a blind person needs in order to code.

      But a game about translation such as this based on the language of Tlön would certainly be awesome.

    • I can see where you’re coming from with the challenge, but I think if the game were designed around more heavily jumbled paragraphs without indicating correct letters, the pacing would slow down to the point where it would be easy to lose track of the narrative flow and you would end up having to go back and re-read previous pages which would just bog down the whole experience.

      As it stands, I think this finds a better balance between story and gameplay than many of the other reading-based games that get posted here.

  2. i want moooore

    • If it’s the cryptogram-solving aspect you like, I suggest checking out some Cliff Johnson games. He tends to use that mechanic a lot, with a similar type-two-letters-to-swap interface.

      • Yeah, Fool’s Errand and 3 in Three are definitely him at his best. He provides them free on his site, complete with emulation.

  3. Play this while listening to Faster Than Light OST

  4. Also it would be great if a penalty was added if the player switches two letters and neither of them becomes green.

    • I also think an optional time to beat for solving each passage would be cool. It would increase the replay value, and maybe unlock a secret final passage or some other treat.

      Love this game!