SpikeDislike2 (Jayenkai)

Everybody likes SpikeDislike[Splash Screen]

[Download for Windows]
[Play online (HTML5), didn’t work for me]


  1. Online version worked for me. At least after selecting another resolution. Very nice one-button thing.

  2. hadn’t properly played the original, this is pretty good!

  3. “On the Court” seems to be the most satisfying, with its extra directional imperative at each hoop (and its softer sound effects).

    Something of note: the motivational structure is curious here because — at least in the three bouncing ball modes — the game is ridiculously easy if you don’t care about your combo multiplier. Unless I haven’t played long enough to see things get more complicated, it seems like a dedicated enough player could simply wait carefully at each spike until absolutely sure of their timing and thus accumulate a practically infinite number of points by playing slowly, indefinitely, one measly point for each spike.

    So it’s purely up to the player to decide either a) their time is too valuable for that, or b) the game is only fun if you try to move quickly and smoothly.

    I guess the classic way of handling this would be to replace score with combo-count as the tracked metric for the leaderboard? I can’t decide if, as-is, the ambivalence toward bad/boring player behavior is a neat thing or not.

  4. Given that the current iOS GameCenter score stands at a whopping 7,000,777 points, I’d suggest the “perfection” method might take you a little while!

    Thanks for posting my game here! Always good to get noticed.

    Apologies that the free edition doesn’t include online scores. My server sucks! That’s GoDaddy for ya :/
    Hopefully enough people buy the iOS version, so’s I can step things up a notch!

    • Ha, I probably should have left off that last sentence. I do think it’s a neat thing, that if someone were willing to make the trade-off, all it would take is a half year or so of constant play (at 2 seconds per spike) to slowly, carefully make their way to the top, one point at a time.

      There’s something nice and perverse about that!

  5. Bryce McQuern

    I don’t have any sound effects in the windows download. I mean, the files are there, but the game doesn’t play them.

  6. Still having quirky issues with the language, sorry.. Only started using it a couple of months ago, and haven’t yet worked out all the kinks yet.

    Try installing OpenAL.dll, which may clear it up. If not.. Um.. *shrugs* guess my framework needs more work!!

  7. Oh man, SpikeDislike is easily the one of the best iOS games nobody played.

  8. This is the kind of game you, your kid, and your mom could each play and enjoy. Great game!