SoundSelf Prototype (Robin Arnott, Evan Balster, Topher Sipes)

You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. ❓ I wish I could play this! It looks really cool. It loads but only shows a black screen. I’m on Windows XP.

    • Yeah, no image for me in XP as well, though I could hear audio. Curiously, the error messages showing up in the terminal window were about missing patches and not anything that looked OS-related. Oh, well.

      • Are your graphics drivers up to date? And is your CPU totally awesome?

        We’ll have a mac build in a couple days, so if you have access to a decent mac, that may help too.


  3. Shizzle Ma Wizzle

    dudes make sure you have mic plugged in, it works, but for some reasons when i speak it just gives out weird noises and very wavy things, but not like in the screenshot (in screenshot these waves are actually beautifull, for me there are some wierd white spaces and waves are like 80% random). But summary, i like this, just can’t figure out how did programmers made this 🙂

  4. Here is the tutorial: SUSTAIN