simian.interface (Vested Interest)

calibrating neuronal datafeed…[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is freaking fantastic.

  2. Awesome stuff

  3. This is beautiful. It’s really amazing when you understand what the gameplay is, very basically, behind all the gorgeousness: place your mouse on the right pixel. That’s it. Hover over this one pixel on the screen and you won the level. Do this 40 times, you won the game. Only the pixel’s invisible, but there’re a few visual clues as to where it is. And with that description it’s hard to believe the game can last so long and never lose its charm, but it never really does.

  4. I love it when gameplay is so intuitive that it doesn’t need a tutorial.

    This is really classy.

  5. That was cool I liked it

  6. Best banana acquisition simulation ever!

  7. Very stylish!

    An interesting comparison point here is Coign of Vantage ( from a few years ago, which plays with similar concepts but to a less successful degree. Simian.interface makes a strong case for simplicity and the absence of hand-holding.

  8. Simple concept, nearly perfect execution.

  9. This game was cool! And the levels were so well done that the concept of the game never got boring.

  10. The mechanic and the gameplay was pretty straightforward and I think I’ve played a fair few like it before, but the presentation was out of this world. Fantastic, loved it.

  11. Instead of solving the level, I increasingly find myself doing music videos by bouncing the mouse cursor with the beat. o.O

  12. this game was ASTOUNDING!.. really though, the amount of creativity needed for something like this is ridiculous, i admire that


  14. I Love This Game 😎 πŸ™„

  15. 1/10 I love it!

  16. i want a number two

  17. I played this game with my 7-year-old niece and she really enjoyed it. We took turns doing the puzzles. I was impressed with how quickly she picked up on the mechanics. Just shows you how intuitive this game is.