Silhouette (Manikin Games)

Silhouette is a 2 player, turn based game where one player plays as a victim trapped in a house, and the other as a creepy killer hunting him down![Author’s description]

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  1. First time I tried it, it generated a map with an unmovable table in a narrow hallway and the victim / killer were permanently separated and couldn’t path to each other… good concept though.

  2. Only tested it out solo so far, but MAN this is a great idea and the way turns get shorter seems really intense.

  3. Had a few multiplayer sessions, it’s a lot of fun. Changing the length of turns is definitely the most clever aspect. The middling procedural generation would probably be the worst.

    Once the killer finds the other player, it’s only a matter of time before the other person gets stuck in a dead end. That’s tense, but there should have been a better way to escape the killer to minimize frustration and to balance it.

    Recommend playing with the largest maps.

  4. Julian M.W.P.

    First few times, i got stuck in a couch, so the generation has a couple bugs, but still, it a 2 player game that can be scary at times, not many games accomplish that.

  5. Just curious how do you play this with your friend? I haven’t seen any way to do LAN or anything :/

  6. You should definitely work on putting together a version 2 that has an online mode…

  7. Hi folks, I just wanted to share this quick article and gameplay video that I recently published:


  8. how do you get onto multi player when i played it i was the killer and the victem

  9. is this game a torrent 😮