scarfmemory (Michael Brough)

warning: twine, feelings, linearity[Author’s Tweet]

[Play online (Twine)]


  1. Worked for me. 🙂

  2. I really appreciate the…ordinariness of this, its softly moving bits more likely to hit home precisely because its dramas play out on such a small scale. (Though I guess I shouldn’t underestimate the effect of the soundtrack, squirreled away inside of so many nested intralinear expansions.)

    Another thing of note: clicking on ‘girlfriend’ results in such a nice little structural surprise. This is so clearly a story of loss (even the lengthy concert/audience bit), and she’s placed there as this necessary (but, apparently, not in itself sufficient) factor in making a scarf, so one surely expects her disappearance, if for nothing else than as an excuse for no more scarf-making.

    But that would be a simpler story. The scarf would collapse into a simple placeholder for that other loss. Instead there’s no more scarf-making — and we know you loved scarf-making — only because there’s no more scarf.

  3. david grenzowski

    i really enjoyed this