Pretend You’re Platforming (EffBee)

If your movement is too unrealistic (EG. “jumping” too high), you must restart the level![Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Incredible!

    Only criticism is the ending is very anti-climatic. At least a two second YOU WIN screen would’ve been welcome.

    The concept could be expanded, becoming harder, until it becomes unbeatable. For example, the game could forbid you from changing direction while in midair, or shout “nobody respawns after death” when you’re expecting to restart the level after hitting a spike.

  2. That was really weird and funny and frustrating all at the same time… ❓

  3. That was pretty cool! A pretty rough package that could be expanded and polished, but I liked having to self-enforce “laws” that have been handled for us and internalized since a few decades.