Forest Story (Ed Key)

This is actually one of a family of prototypes investigating this same idea of exploration, survival, expedition-planning and dying alone on a mountainside with a broken leg after eating the wrong plant whilst cornered by a bear. Clearly none of this would make sense in Proteus, but equally there’s more to explorating and figuring out a relationship with the natural world than just carefree wandering.[Author’s Description]

[Download for windows]


  1. this is gorgeous…im not sure how to survive though…grabbing food doesn’t seem to up my food?

    • After you have food in your inventory, click the food item and then click Eat at the top of the screen. This will fill your food meter a little or more, depending on the quality of the food item.

      Really hard to balance sleeping, foraging, and eating. Lovely and brutal game.

  2. I found that I could actually survive as long as I wanted without eating any food at all and just sleeping whenever the sleep bar got orange. If the character woke up and was still low on strength I would just sleep again. Went on for a while like that but there doesn’t seem to be much to do just yet.

    Looking forward to see what additions are made to this game, if any. It’s got potential to be truly awesome, I think!