Escape from Planet Doom (Yori Kvitchko, Dan Gopstein, Tarek El-Gaaly, Ming Jin)

In the first week we placed heavy focus on many cool features which we would eventually remove based on concerns of project complexity and aesthetic conciseness. Among the features we decided to leave behind were positionally-relevant ship damage and openly navigable space arenas. We had hoped that damages incurred in space-view play would be passed on to the crew of the ship if they were located in a region of the craft which had been injured. The design of external play was also much larger-scale than what we would eventually decide to settle on. The majority of graphics in this revision were temporary placeholder images used to facilitate the testing of gameplay.[Author’s Postmortem]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Wow this is cool! I love the characters and the different systems at play. Teleporting doesn’t seem that useful, though.