electro primitive girl (sloane)

electro primitivegirl

here is a little twine game i made about a mecha girl. – [Author’s description]

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  1. Indeed, the varied rhythms and shapes of the display were incredibly effective at establishing a tone for each scene.

    • mm, this is a super good example of twine on multiple levels

      • I would agree, as both a captivating moment-to-moment reading experience and an outlet for personal narrative it it fascinating to behold.

        It’s also been super interesting to start following those you post here in the last couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with such passion.

  2. I wish I made this game.
    It’s absolutely beautiful.

  3. As a massive fan of Super Robot stories I really enjoyed both the concept and the execution. Very nicely done! Perhaps a longer version is in order to appease EPG’s newfound fans? 😛

  4. I like this one. I wish someone could put a list of endings up. I got one that kinda turned the story on its head and is was a nice twist.