Bump! (Aaron Steed)

I like how sim­ple the game cur­rently is so apart from a few bugs to fix I’d like to leave it as is.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. …the nudging blocks is interesting. What if it did a whole row?” Ahh yes, that’s my kind of thinking! (He meant column but w/e).

  2. Oh wow, I love the mechanics of this loads and loads. It’s a shame that the randomly generated levels let it down, too many “there is no way to possibly proceed” situations 🙁

    • As I’ve gotten better at it I’ve found that a lot of the impossible situations can be avoided, and that the shitty map design creates some really interesting puzzles.

      But yeah, I’d rather “inspire” someone to make a balanced version by not fixing it 😛

      • By the way, I think you overstate the failure of your Super Mario Bros. 7RDL. With better refined level generation and more diverse terrain features, I actually think it would be really compelling.

        An excellent concept, no matter what. Really cool stuff.

      • NO PRESSURE or anything, but I do think it’s a shame you don’t plan on working more on it yourself. Your call, though…

        • Ending really needs to be finished. When I felt like I’d completely lost my mojo with Super Mario RL I made some epic Ending levels and that convinced me to keep trying. Gonna do some painting and then get these TestFlight builds out…

      • Yeah, absolutely. In fact now that I understand all the mechanics, it seems like most places where I can’t proceed are only due to poor planning on my part. I’ve only seen one truly impossible spot so far, and even that one I’m not absolutely sure about.

        The simplicity here is incredibly compelling. I guess my only complaint is that the timer doesn’t seem to add much–it’s not like you can exploit anything by delaying your progress, and the freedom to move slowly and explore every nook and cranny means the player is encouraged to take more risks for those hard-to-reach gems. Plus at this point, my high score is bumping against that time limit, so I’m not sure there’s much more room for me to improve aside from prioritizing where I choose to collect points.

        • That high score statement might have been a bit hasty, since my current best is 15,000 points higher than when I made that comment. But still.

          • Just got to 33100 here. That’s with a fair bit of route planning.

            I like all the food clocks. They add a sense of urgency. You have to make your moves as effective as possible. But you have infinite thinking time, so you can do things you wouldn’t have the time to think of in a real time game.

          • Yeah, I think I’ve come around on the timer. It definitely has an interesting affect on where you place your priorities, and it does encourage risk-taking in that you want to cause as much destruction as possible to rack up those points in the limited time you have.

            It’s interesting that bumping a column causes enemies to move but doesn’t advance the clock. This allows for some interesting timing when you find yourself in a height-1 corridor, since you can basically decide where you want the enemies to be before you progress to the next section.

            My best score now is 41,830, and I can’t see getting much higher than that.

          • Oops.

            I know you’re not supposed to beat designers at their own game, but I’m just really into this one. If it weren’t for the fact that Michael Brough exists it would definitely be my favorite game from the whole jam.

          • Brough’s Bank Acc. Number is The Shit. I’ve played the hell out of that one over the past week.

            Need an iOS version so I can draft new converts.

  3. Once I figured out I can just walk into spikes from the side, the game revealed itself to be actually possible. And a lot of fun.

    Really dig the basic concept. Turn-based side scroller. Pretty ingenious. Would love to see more of this.

    (May take a stab myself at some point.)

    • I needed to hear that fact (and that the game intended to emulate platform physics) before everything finally clicked. Fun!

      And I’d love to see your take on this concept sometime.

  4. *Adore* the sound clips.

  5. Very nice game, tight design.

  6. I’ve played this game embarrassingly much over the past couple of days.

    (My high score is ~20,500 but I feel like I could do some much better if I was just…wiser…and better. As a person. ;_;)