Avant-Garde (Lucas “AD1337” Molina)

Avant-Garde is a game where you play as an artist in 19th century Paris. Create paintings, meet artists like Monet, Picasso and Dali, participate in artistic movements such as impressionism and surrealism and even create your own movements![Author’s description]

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  1. Between the beautiful presentation and the whole Artist RPG mechanic I was completely sucked into this one. I can’t wait to see what gets added in the final game.

  2. this thing seems broken to me. nothing works in any browser I’ve tried.

      • I guess maybe I don’t understand how to get it started, then? i go to the page. the music plays. mousing around the screen moves the background painting but it won’t go beyond saying “Paris, 1863”

        arrow keys do nothing. wasd does nothing. there’s nothing that tells me how to start. I can toggle the music on and off, but that’s pretty much it?

    • Try different browsers. I tried Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome and Chrome did the job for me.

  3. At first my character was a starving artist, a melancholic youth painting the landscapes he adored, selling my art for less than the material cost they took. Each one a work of passion, named for the intense emotions he intended each to evoke.

    Then Cezanne whispered a single word: “nudes.” My artist had never painted a model from life — how could he, with the local academy charging an unfathomable 200 francs for the privilege — and had a rather shaky grasp on anatomy to boot. But from that first malformed sketch my artist got the taste of something completely unfamiliar: profit.

    That was the tipping point. There was no going back. He started cranking out nudes, rough sketches of pencil on paper. They sold, and they sold well. He stopped naming them. For once, his contemporaries provided good company, so long as he kept funding their liquid vices.

    On a whim, he decided to submit a work to the Salon, a hastily sketched piece that, like the others, he didn’t even bother to title. It was accepted. Hanging besides the masters and the lucky: Untitled #33. The artist’s melancholy returned. He never drew again.

  4. This is really amazing. I like how “games about art” are always inevitably how the art industry functions / how dysfunctional it really is — like I really wanted to be Expressionist, but that didn’t sell well, so I just cranked out a dozen Realistic landscapes and drank myself stupid

    • I’m not sure how complicated the relationship between subject/medium/surface/movement is under the hood, but it created some pretty interesting combinations for me. My watercolor landscapes on paper often sold much better than religious bronzes, oil portraits, etc.

      One thing I did notice is that if I tried to create anything outside of the Realist style, I could not get into the Salon. Every new art movement was rejected. But, I’m curious: maybe if you submit enough hiqh-quality, say, Impressionist works, they’ll eventually trump Realism and become the most popular movement?

      Also, my favorite part of the game was making really strange art combos, like Art Nouveau Religious Bronzes and Pointillist Allegories in Pencil. I literally can’t imagine what an Impressionist Marble Statue would look like, but I’m sure it would be crazy.

  5. Hundreds of sill life pictures as I sell my soul for the Franc. By the end of the 19th century, as avant-garde styles take hold, I invent Nihilism under the weight of my thousands and thousands of Francs, where no style is valued. I sell my only Nihilist work for no Francs and with it goes everything.

    So, that is a bug. If you create a manifesto that disregards all techniques, then sell a work made in it, you will lose all your money.

  6. Eventually I grow bored of getting gold medals for superb oil paintings and I announce Zarism, which is entirely dedicated to self-portraits in marble. I make masterpiece after masterpiece, all of which sell for piles of money. The Salon abhors me.

  7. Yes, it does many things well. But that manifesto-making tool it totally BRILLIANT.

  8. I appear to be an expert in the undefined. Also, I just said ‘Fuck it all, I like color and nothing else.’ and am now swimming in money and fancy paintings.