Auti-Sim (TaylanK)


The player navigates through a playground as an autistic child with auditory hypersensitivity. Proximity to loud children causes sensory overload for the player, impacting cognitive functions. This impact is represented as visual noise and blur, as well as audio distortion. [Author’s description]

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(via Rock Paper Shotgun)


  1. It’s hard to read this blog lately and not feel like you’re witnessing the revolution. Anna’s, too. The past few months have been pretty incredible.

  2. The plays like a demo of a straight up horror game 😯

  3. I got outside of the map. Does… does this mean that I win?

    Seriously though, well done. Exaggerated, but it definitely gets the point across.

    • If you go far enough past the hills you can find a castle, and that’s where the real quest begins.

    • How much exaggerated?
      Cause if this is a close approximation of what Autistic kids go through… well, I feel kinda sorry for them, cause that was scary as hell, I thought something would come out of the static, pull me into the monitor and who knows what else!

  4. I just finished playing it, and sensory overload is exactly like this, for me at least.

    You find yourself in a situation that turns out to be too much (in this case children screaming, the creak and squeal of playground equipment, the rustle of grass and leaves in the wind, etc) and you begin to feel sick, can’t think or see straight if at all. You get the urge to either flee or shut down completely. I think it would have been more effective if instead of static, the screen blurred to the point that everything was indecipherable.

    This is pretty close to what I dealt with as a kid (and occasionally now).