ViViD (The Layabouts)

Originally created in November of 2010; ViViD is a short, mind-bending platformer that follows the plight of Burt; a troubled man who partakes in a program asking him to test an experimental vision drug.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Feels like most of the challenge comes from the physics and level design rather than the interface screw?

    Except for time distortion, that one is a pain.

  2. I enjoyed this, though level 9 felt like a little much to me (but I did like the nice, simple payoff directly after). And when the arrows start switching direction on a timer that aspect felt like maybe more of a nuisance than a meaningful additional challenge?


  4. I like the story setup and the gameplay concept. But the effects quickly became too much for me when combined with the super-precision jumping.

  5. My brain is shitting itself to death in a mix of frustration, confusion, and insanity. THIS IS A GOOD THING. SOMEHOW.

  6. I really loved this, days 7 and 8 had me laughing at how obnoxious the game was being.