The Vermin Throne (Damian Sommer)

the vermin throne

The Vermin Throne is an experimental multiplayer story game for 4 to 10 players, playable in almost any web browser (on phones too!). You play as a rat, trying to kill or shame all your siblings so that you can claim the throne for yourself. – [Author’s description]

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(via @indiegamehunt)


  1. Neat! I played along with two rescue-cats, who were surprisingly into the rat roleplay. (They also agreed that it’s satisfying to see Twine put to such varied use.) We had to just make up stats in our head for the fourth player, and we felt a little guilty about it.

    • Haha! I love this, though I have only played it with myself so far, just simulating what might happen. I think this is the first Twine game for more than 2 players.

  2. Played with 4 friends at uni, had a fairly good time of it. I beat one of to death in a tavern brawl, and then another immediatly persuaded me I would be a bad leader and should leave the kingdom. He ended up winning, despite loosing a wizards dual with the other survivor he survived long enough to kill him in mortal kombat. The other player decided to try a wizards dual in the library and was forced out by the NPCs there 😛

  3. I am definitely going to play this when I get the chance.