The King of the Wood (allen)

a short fps that rips off deus ex and blade runner and many other things[Author’s description]

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  1. I don’t get it. I’ve done everything I can do. I’ve blown up all the robo-dogs, even the robo-cleaner, I’ve switched off the power, drunk all the wine, there is no door that opens that I haven’t opened, and yet nothing. What am I missing?

    • You unlock doors by using the doorknob, not the door itself. There’s a switch that opens the final room inside a suspicious book on the second floor.

      • I think you unlock doors by finding the keys and then using the doors. No doorknob required. Also, you need to use the door twice if you want it to open.

        The real question is, why did the droid have a toothbrush? I mean, the bathroom I understand, it could’ve come with the house, but a toothbrush?

        Seriously now, this game is excellent. I really liked the alternative ending where you play the piano.

        • i thought that was default–there’s another?

          • Yes, there are more.

            The key to the main door is in the piano room. So once you grab it, you can leave the house. This gives you two endings, depending on whether you killed the droid or not before leaving.

        • I’m not sure why a passable-as-human android wouldn’t need a toothbrush, unless they’ve upgraded their mouth to the self-cleaning model?

          Barring that, the simplest answer is that it’s part of the masquerade.

          But the more poignant answer would be that s/he only recently discovered s/he’s not human. Only one of the books scattered about suggests otherwise.

          • That explains the toothbrush, but not so much the toilet paper.

            By the way, if you manage to exit the house and you pressed the right buttons, there are two gates around the house that disappear, but lead nowhere particular. I wonder what’s the deal with that.

          • Wait — have you maybe not seen Blade Runner? (Asking because I suspect that’s the operating android/replicant model in effect here.) There’s wine around the house too (and maybe fruit?). Even androids will need to do something to deal with the material their food-to-energy system can’t process. And if they’re meant to blend in even under scrutiny, then why not toilet paper too? I mean, you never can be too sure. It might be prudent to get your spouse and kids tested just in case.

          • I have seen it, never guessed replicants were capable of taking a dump. But it does make sense, even if it’s just for show.

            Now the only remaining mystery is what happens with the gates at each side of the house. They’re there at the beginning, blocking your way, and they aren’t there anymore if you get out after pushing the right button. They lead to the backyard, but the backyard’s empty. I’ll investigate further.

  2. Well, it’s gone now. Here’s hoping for a mirror some time.

  3. Was there a clue somewhere as to the gate code?
    This was inspired by Deus Ex, so I tried 0451 before I bothered to look.
    And as soon as I died and got place by the back door, I realised it was DuClare mansion…

  4. i found that “android” or whatever. and i shot him. i shot him good. i don’t back down from a contract.

  5. Hey guys! I’ve made a walkthrough/playthough if anyone needs help or would like to see a full playthrough of it πŸ™‚

  6. Hey, just realized I don’t have the slightest clue what the game’s title means.

    • Oh, right. I think by the end I had assumed it was riffing on/implying a ‘king of the hill’ structure?

      • Thanks for trying to clear that up, but I’m afraid I’m totally unfamiliar with the expression.

        • I think it might go by different names in different regions, but I was thinking of the children’s game in which whoever manages to physically removes the ‘king’ from the top of the hill/playground-equipment/whatever subsequently becomes the new king themselves (and thus the new target of the other players’ aggression).

          (And it’s really just the sitting down at the piano at the end that implies this at all, but if you assume there’s a Blade Runner thing going on, that fits too.)

          (Add’l note: I kind of forgot that there are a bunch of different cuts of Blade Runner out there, and that not all of them as strongly imply the thing about the main character I’ve been referring to but trying not to completely spoil.)

          • Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t touch the piano on my first play, that seems to have made me unable to make that interpretation. My head must’ve got stuck in the “did my job, returned home” ending.

            When I did play it, it only seemed to imply something in the lines of “he was as human as we all are.”

            I also never thought of Rick Deckard what you oh so subtly just told me. I don’t consider it a spoiler, since I already saw the movie and most probably would’ve never guessed it.

    • ‘Nobody’ has hit the target but from an unexpected angle!

      If you google the title along with the author of the only real book in the game, it may throw some light. πŸ™‚

  7. Made a Let’s Play/walkthrough just now, should be on my channel pretty soon.

  8. Ok so I’ve seen three endings. The only thing I still don’t get is what door the key in the piano room opens? The only one still closed is the one you respawn at, and that one doesn’t open…