SWIFT☆STITCH (Sophie Houlden)

SSscreen02“… as many people pointed out to me on twitter, sales, awards etc aren’t what is most important, what is important is working on a game you love and having fun doing that. In this sense, the game is a success. I love the game, I love how it turned out, I had a brilliant time working on it”[Author’s Postmortem]

[Play online (Unity)]

[Download (Cross Platform)]


  1. Big fan of this one. Really dig how simple the starting idea is, and how much she riffs on it.

  2. Very good! Also: The Cat That Got The Milk, anyone?

  3. This is one of those game that clearly would have been a timeless classic had it been around when you were a kid (obviously with some of the fanciness absented). Definitely worth your time.

    • Agreed, this has a very timeless feel. I can imagine this being ported to every console and home computer, like Lemmings and Tetris were.

  4. Woohoo I liked this game so much that I cloned it for Android devices and with permission I released it. It is not as good as original but it is the only way to play something similar on Android.

  5. This was absolutely worth the money at full price. Now that it’s free, it is not to be missed!

  6. oh my god the sparks when you skid along the walls


    • That is definitely the best feature of the game. I lost many runs where I would win only because I wanted to see the sparks (:

  7. Really good soundtrack, I’ll be leaving this tab open all day.