Snazzy Tennis (SirKnight)

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Click. Just click it.[Author’s description]

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  1. this is surprisingly complex

  2. This is awesome! Incredibly hard if you don’t get how it works. While many games capture the feel of ping-pong with more accuracy, this one’s far better at capturing the strategies involved in a match.

  3. That zombie gal is a real challenge! Finally beat her 11:10, and they made me cake.

  4. Sometimes I really question the descriptions of games posted on this website. Like for this game, instead of posting the ACTUAL author’s description of the game, the instructions for the game were posted.

    Here’s the actual description found on the game’s Kongregate page:

    Battle cute girls and zombies in this cult thriller… Snazzy Tennis!

    Just kidding, it’s a super simple little tennis game. But it’s so much fun! Sure, the graphics are minimal, but I BET YOU CAN’T BEAT IT, CAN YOU? MWAHAHAA!

    Also, if you have a friend, colleague, or friendly sex worker nearby, make sure to try 2 player mode – it’s snazzy!

    I was so born in the wrong decade.

    • I too wonder sometimes if the descriptions chosen here are the best possible. But then I answer “yes, they are,” and stop thinking about it.

      But yeah, the author’s description is nice too, I guess.

      • SirKnight writes pretty witty descriptions. From another of his games: “Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fight a bear? Well, prepare to keep wondering, because this game has nothing to do with bear fights!”

        • But Stephen’s choice is more descriptive of the actual gameplay in Snazzy Tennis than SirKnight’s description, however amusing it is.

    • That “actual” description is just awfully overweening.

  5. Awwww yeah, bake me that cake, mmmmmmmm…

  6. Wow, this is difficult. Can you control the angle at all, or just the power?

    • As far as I know, only the power. The hardest part is that the hardest you wanna hit it, the more you need to wait before releasing the button. The gals, now, they can totally control their angle. The game’s beatable, though.

      And it’s particularly interesting that the opponent has an ability the player lacks. For a ping-pong game, I mean.

    • The more power you have, the more downward the angle — a max power spike will go sharply down. Conversely a no power tap will float up. In the red zone there is a slight downward trajectory

      • Ah, that’s true. But I think the angle your hit gives the ball, as the speed, is conditioned by the ball’s speed and angle previous to your hit. That is, if the ball approaches your side very slowly, for example, even a fully charged bar will send it upwards.

        Besides, even though you have SOME way to affect the angle, I find no way to replicate the enemies’s absolute control over it. And anyway, your control is not independent. I mean, you can’t choose to hit it hard but upwards, or hit it gently but directly down.