Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time in History (Jack King-Spooner, Jake Clover)


A game about space time[Author’s description]

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  1. This, together with the first Sluggish Morss game, is one of the greatest gaming experiences I have had. Playing these, I feel like I did when I was reading The Invisibles, or watching Twin Peaks: There is a sense of wonder, and a feeling of grasping bits of a much larger story than what we’re shown. The experience is rich with sights and sounds, and also with ideas (about space, time, philosophy, psychology, etc.)

    The music in these games is wonderful, the best King-Spooner has produced yet. I think my favorite part of this chapter is when your character and the extra-dimensional being are singing dialogue to each other. Genius.

    Oh yeah, be sure to stick around for the credits;)

  2. What do you think it’s all about?

  3. There may be more chapters coming…