Shotguns in the Dark (Droqen)

A game about dueling with shotguns in the dark.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is really clever, especially the shared spacebar between two players and the way hidden player-characters still obscure the + signs (and how those tell-tale signs can be destroyed by a blast).

    (And if you have some money to spare, don’t miss out on Droquen’s other games, especially Starseed Pilgrim and Probability0.)

    • Also Fishbane! He does really amazing things with level design.

    • For the record, the shared spacebar is something I definitely stole from This Little Piggy (Anna Anthropy made it). It’s used to different effect, of course, but I would not have thought of it without having played that game a bunch so long ago.

  2. yeah this is super good

  3. Really enjoyed this. Good on droqen making small and focused stuff.

  4. Thanks to Droqen, I’ve decided to finally make friends, just so I’d have somebody to play with.

  5. Just played 5 consecutive rounds with a friend, each tenser than the last. We would break out into laughter every time someone fired. Played it a little with a friend who doesn’t play many video games–he picked up on it within seconds and within a couple rounds he was on par with me. This is magic.