Rebirth: The Tibetan Game of Liberation (Sakya Pandita, interleaper)


This boardgame was devised in its original form by the Tibetan Buddhist theologian Sakya Pandita in the early 13th century CE as an entertainment for his ailing mother. Called “Determination of the Ascension of Stages”, it uses the form of a simple die-governed race game to model the physical and metaphysical geography of the world as understood in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, and the stages of enlightenment or initiation by which one approaches Nirvana. The game board itself can be considered a mandala. – [Ingame description]

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  1. I was very pleased with the sense of perspective afforded at the ending of the game. I think this is much improved for being twinified rather than as snakes-and-ladders + theme; it takes the tedium out of the dice rolling and allows for greater detail.

    Also: I learned something about Hindu/Buddhist cosmology, yay.

    Also also: I became corrupted by tantric power .-.

  2. Very interesting. Author (if you read this…?): Can you cite your sources? Is there any description of the board? Are there any surviving boards? Were any boards ever actually made?