Pursued – Where am I? (nemesys games)

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.36.02You’ve been taken without warning and emerge in an unknown place.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Google Earth makes for some fun trivia, but holy smokes there are a ton of typos in this game.

  2. Kinda US/Euro-centric until you get to the community levels. Also, the game lies – you don’t have to ‘like’ the facebook page to get the password.

  3. Cool concept, but REALLY AWFUL EVIL STUPID way to “unlock more levels”… even if it lies and you don’t have to “like” it, I’m just kind of disgusted by the suggestion

  4. Useless for non-Americans.
    By the way, I typed “Miami” and it told me “I don’t think this place exists”. Eh???

  5. Some random thoughts:

    Level 1 – Did this game even need a ‘theme’? Is there really so much wrong with just saying “What city are you in?” that this weird intro had to be shoehorned in?

    Level 4 – I love the view of Trump tower from the starting position. Like it’s erupting from the trashy depths of the underpass.

    Don’t hold levels hostage behind a Facebook interaction. No one should even have to tell them that.

    Level 10 – Just spent 2 minutes typing in names of cities in Italy because of all the scooters laying around. Rome, I’m told, no longer exists.

    Level 11 – Oh wait, here it is.

    Level 13 – Certainly didn’t expect to run into this sculpture.

    Level 15 – So jarring coming to this after all those vibrant, lively cities. Tried and tried but couldn’t see Russia no matter how hard I tried (yuk yuk yuk)

    *The password is FORTIX

  6. What a fun idea! Kind of like real life hidden object. I am feeling very pleased at having got all of the first five within the time-limits despite having negligible knowledge of the States. (The fifth is the only one I’ve been to.)

  7. Did all the 15 Levels within Time-Limit!
    Thogh Level 15 was quite hard and I had only about 2 minutes left.
    But I did it! 😀
    I might be a little too proud of mysslf now… haha Really loving this game, it’s amazing!

  8. We updated the game with some new features like achievements, level packs, level of the day… aaand now you dont need like for reach community levels.

  9. Done level 15…..how do you get to level 16 and beyond?

  10. what is the first level

  11. What is level 15? have tried 5 times and still cant get it D:

  12. What is the answer to level 9

  13. look around at signs and things. that is what helpes me! :mrgreen:

  14. what is level 2?

  15. nevermind level 2, now i need 10

  16. what is level 14?