Promesst (Sean Barrett)

promesst 2
A Windows puzzle game inspired by Corrypt and Game Title.[Author’s Description]


[Download for Windows]


  1. That’s a hell of a mid-game twist. Just when you think you’ve got this game figured out, the Z button unlocks. I’m scared to do anything in case I mess it all up!

    • I like how it foreshadows the twist by having “z to fire” greyed out for the whole game up til then.

    • I felt exactly that paralysis (especially after realizing that Undo doesn’t seem to undo the Z button action, or at least not in all circumstances), and overcame it by duplicating the save file before trying anything too tricksy.

      (I admit I did the same with Corrypt. I guess it doesn’t seem worth cluttering up the interface to explain how such a feature might work, but now that I think of it an F5-F9 quicksave/quickload, even if explained only in the readme, might be a slight improvement for this new genre of autosaving games that require a checkpoint halfway through in case you break them entirely.)

      In any case, this was really satisfying to play. There are two spots in the first half that require some tricky-at-first-but-obvious-in-retrospect experimenting and the second half appears to allow *so many* different sorts of solutions to various problems without at all feeling like it becomes trivial to figure out what might work. That seems like a really good sign: lots of possible solutions, but all of them tricky and clever.

      • The undo is supposed to undo z-key actions. If you have a case where it doesn’t, there is a bug. (I did something excessively tricky to reduce the size of the undo history to keep save files smaller, so it’s not impossible that there’s a bug, although I tried to test it.)

        Any info about how to reproduce such a bug would be useful. If you find such, please email me since I may not remember to check here again for awhile.

  2. I couldn’t restart from the checkpoint 🙁 the option just didn’t work for me.

    • There was a bug in version 1.00 that meant the checkpoint worked as long as you didn’t quit, but if you saved & quit and then returned the checkpoint stopped working.

      Fixed in version 1.01. However, existing saves still won’t work. If you email me, I’ll send you a save file that starts at the checkpoint.

  3. I feel like Double was largely worthless, or at the very least too rare to make real use of…

  4. How the fuck do i get to firing? I collected 6 gems and now I’m royally stuck, I tried fucking everything.

    • There are a couple different linchpins at that stage, but without giving away the biggest, it’s probably safe to say that you most likely have not yet used the double-motion-beam to its fullest potential.