Inner Vision (Sunil)

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My goal is for every one of my games to have a central, or unifying, theme.[Author’s description]

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  1. This game is awesome! 🙂 I got invested into the characters and everything. Nice job, Sunil. I’d like to see more! 😛

  2. I can’t believe my game got featured on here. Thanks guys!

  3. I came for the game, I stayed for the music.
    Seriously, nice game, but I love the soundtrack!

  4. My heart and my ears. They are crying.

  5. Yeah, great music. Good game, too.

  6. This was surprising and really good. Managed to avoid sentimentality. A very compassionate game.

  7. This was an interesting game with great music. I expected more from something that focuses on a subject like suicide. I didn’t like the feeling of escaping the truth when choosing the “right” options.