Depression Quest (Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac Schankler)




Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where you play as someone living with depression. You are given a series of everyday life events and have to attempt to manage your illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment. This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and to illustrate to people who may not understand the illness the depths of what it can do to people.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Twine)]


  1. It’s important to note that visiting the main page,, allows you to pay what you want for this game. All proceeds go to a charity called iFred.

  2. I didn’t think this would see the light of day. Really glad it did.

  3. Wow. That… really hit home. I’m in a situation pretty similar to that of the protagonist, and I think that I may be showing this game to some of those close to me, to see if it can explain things to them better than I can.

  4. I admit on my playthrough I picked all the “best” options, exercising much clearer judgment than I in fact did when I was in that headspace. I don’t know if I’ll have the nerve to go back and play more true to form — I was getting fairly fist-clenchy even on “easy mode.”

  5. Currently, you have to play the free version to hear the music. But the devs are aware and on top of it.

  6. Hit so close to home. It mirrors very similarly the experience I went through over a period of nearly 2 years after graduating from university before I finally got help. The stuff with “Alex” in particular especially the part where it describes seeing her “slipping through your fingers”. Man oh man.

    I am so glad that things like this exist. It is nice knowing that I am not alone.

  7. This hit me really hard. Tried to go with choosing what I know I’d do in the same situations; didn’t work out so well. Helps just to see that I’m not the first person to have felt like that, I guess. If you’ve ever wanted to understand a depressed person’s mindset, this is about as close as it gets.