Castle of the Red Prince (C.E.J. Pacian)


Welcome to Amaranth, foreigner. The Red Prince haunts your dreams, you say? If you want to overthrow our tyrant, you’ll need to consider this whole blighted land at once.

(Castle of the Red Prince is a small text adventure with a different perspective on how locations can work in a parser game.) [Author’s description]

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(via indiegames)


  1. This is really, really good! It’s also quite kind to people who are too lazy to figure out things, but the hints are given in a really natural way through dreaming. It’s also nice to play a text adventure game where you don’t have to constantly move about and keep track of where you are all the time. On top of all that the writing is pretty good.

    I hope the author makes a longer game like this!

  2. Super late on this, but this is a really interesting text parser game. The dreams as well as the use of space of course are really great.