Art Game (Pippin Barr)

art gameBe an artist![Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Pretty excellent companion piece to his earlier game, The Artist is Present:

  2. Not sure why, but I love this.

  3. this is so so good. I am all about this.

  4. This is a masterpiece! So genius how the art-making is done. And I love the Sierra-style graphics.

  5. This game makes me hate creativity. Make beautiful crescent moon out of tetris blocks and the curator hates it, and it gets pushed aside. Fill up screen with single line in ten seconds to get it over with AND WE’RE SHIPPIN’ THAT ONE RIGHT AWAY.

  6. I love how the game makes you invested in your artwork through naming each piece and having to apply a little skill and creativity to create what you want in a system that allows for happy accidents through randomness and imperfect play. And how it also lets the player lose all faith in the system and just perform high concept low execution pieces about not moving the ships in Spacewar, dropping pieces thoughtlessly in Tetris, dying without collecting an apple in Snake.

    I also like how you’re being judged by a subset of your work that might not be a representative sample of what you feel is *good*, that you’re pressured to make a large quantity of art in the desperate hope that will increase the number of pieces the curator/gatekeeper likes enough to display.

  7. This is great, though I seem to be in the minority that failed to produce bad art. Looking forward to trying two-player mode in the future.

  8. When I played twoplayer and it got to the show part, it never showed the gallery, it just went white. 😕