Westerado (Ostrich Banditos)


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  1. This is kind of a masterpiece.

    • Thank you from Ostrich Banditos!

      • Hi, big fan! But the glitches are driving me insane. Every time I play it’s a race against time if im gonna finish before I suddenly reach a location that will just be black, after which there is no way to continue. Are you planning on patching this game? Im so addicted )=

  2. I got caught on some rocks during a shootout just south of the mines. Survived the shootout but remained intractably stuck. Such are the perils of a substantially-sized game with no save-feature, I guess… 🙁

    • you can’t save your game? and an unskippable tutorial too…

    • If you post a screenshot somewhere, we can track it down and fix it!

      • Too late for a screenshot, unfortunately, but it was in an area that had bandits auto-attacking and a sign that said the mines were to the north. The rocks in question were a cluster of three or so I believe relatively centered in the area, but possibly closer to the southern edge, sine that’s the direction I had come from. I probably walked into the rock cluster from the southwest, but possibly directly from the west, if that helps at all.

        And I do like the game! Eventually I’ll probably get around to giving it another shot, but knowing I can’t pause midway and return later means it might be a while before I block out the time for it. Any reason why the permadeath system you’ve gone with can’t have a ‘suspend game’ feature added on?

  3. Stuck in the buffalo protection minigame. Just running around with buffalos with no end in sight and some dude just off-screen downwards shooting at nothing.

  4. Er, how do you guys like this so much? For the 15 minutes or so I played, there was ZERO gameplay except when someone tried to kill me, then fled. I guess you all wanted an 8-bit version of Red Dead Redemption?

    • I don’t agree with this, there’s gameplay right from the start (after the intro) where you have the choice of having dialog with your uncle or just murdering him in cold blood.

  5. This game is freaking sweet. Sweet and super buggy, in the sense that I’ve played it 3 times and couldn’t finish because of game breaking bugs (Which is really any freezing bug when there’s no save functionality).

    I’m definitely going to come back to this game in a couple of months to finish it off, once all the bugs are worked out.

    If Bandito Juan is still reading, here’s some bugs:

    1) Areas just straight up dont load (the mines, santa anna) so all I see is a monochrome screen with my gunslinger on top.
    2) and the fun one. This bug actually improved my enjoyment of the game:
    a) Finish the mission with the indian tribe taking over the town (I forget which one)
    b) With the town now ruled by Indians, fast travel back to your Uncles home. You will immediately ‘unlock’ a new fast travel location, the city you just conquered
    c)That city now appears twice on your fast travel options, go to the second
    d)YOU’VE GONE BACK IN TIME. To before the Indians conquered the town. If you leave and come back, the town will move forward in time. However, the bug is repeatable, so you can do it again.

  6. Only played for a bit, but really enjoyed it. I like the art style, and the music. And I cracked up listening to the woman who talks too much in Clintsville.

  7. It really makes you wonder how comes neither Adult Swim Games (a fairly respectable portal) nor Ostrich Banditos (who by the looks of it seem to know a great deal about game design) realised this game is too buggy to release.

    It’s certainly odd. The game is so broken I really can’t play it from beginning to end without getting stuck in some area or another. Never passed 65%. But on the other hand, it’s so good I actually try many times. Not saving progress seems also fairly random and detrimental to the experience.

    I’ve got stuck in the mines, there are corners where your character simply gets stuck and refuses to walk. Other times you take a turn and the whole background becomes grey and exiting the screen doesn’t get you anywhere. Sometimes I’d got shot next to a horse, right before fast travelling, and the screen would turn darker and my avatar would simply disappear or become transparent. Some dialogue trees you just can’t exit, and the list goes on.

    Such a shame. A save feature would solve most problems here, since getting stuck is no big deal when you can simply refresh the page and go on. I sincerely love it, but as it stands it’s completely unwinnable for me.

  8. Seems cool, but on first playthrough I’ve got stuck because I wasted all my ammo refusing to shoot my brother, doesn’t seem to be any way to proceed now.

    • I must point out that there doesn’t seem to be a way to lose all ammo in this game. You just didn’t get to the point where your uncle tells you you can simply press R to reload. But it is on the instructions in the pause menu.

  9. Argh, yeah, discovered that just after commenting, oops.

  10. Horde mode is pretty great, and it’s cool that you can get people to give up by shooting their hats off.

  11. my brother killed me, that was pretty sad

  12. I’ve now finished the game several times. At first I thought this was a great game, but now I see it’s actually much better than great. The glitches keep ruining it, but I keep going back to it, and when by chance I can actually play it, it is bliss.
    Besides the bugs that plague it, I found, there are many continuity errors. Some of them are funny within the concept that it’s all part of a (potentially bad) western film. Some of them are just the authors letting the player have the freedom to form alliances at will in many configurations, and then forgetting what sort of consequences some o’ those configurations should have.
    Many sub-plots are suggested but don’t lead anywhere. The tycoon’s involvement in your family’s murder is never explored. The rancher’s rebellion against the tycoon never happens. The rancher’s INVOLVEMENT in your family’s murder is suggested sometimes near the ending, but if you stop there and go back to talk to the ranchers, or to kill them, nothing actually happens. The three bandits’ reunion also never happens, no matter how many times you talk to the three of ’em once you find them. The clues are sometimes rendered useless if the man with the map to the hideout contacts you early enough.
    And that’s the thing with this game. You need to play it in order to believe that such a flawed thing can be this beautiful.

  13. does anyone know how to get the 2 saloon owners together? Madame Hat says something about it but I can’t figure out what she means…

    • There’s no way that I know of. And quite possibly there’s another bug there: once Madame Hat assigns you the mission, you no longer can talk to any of the saloon owners, except you draw your gun on them, holster it, and then apologize for it. And this is every time you wanna talk to any of them.

      Moreover, they’re not programmed as different characters. If you pull your gun on one of ’em, the other one will also ask you to apologize for it.

      • ikr… damn shame too. Also funfact, The 3 banditos reunion including the one with the dutch bandito is an easter egg and is supposed to be the 3 developers composing ostritch banditos studios. (proof is the username one of them used to reply here.)

      • Another thing, I’ve explored most of the map, but there’s still a small piece of the map that’s empty right beside the abandoned town and left of your old burned home/uncle’s home. Anyone know how to get to it?

        (funfact: you can visit your ma, and brother’s graves over at your burned home soon as you finish tutorial or if you skipped it, soon as you leave your uncle’s place and come back.)

        • You can enter the piece of map beside the abandoned town through the fence in the upper right side of the abandoned town, but it is just a black screen that requires reset everytime 🙁