Trippin’ Songhai (Silbinary Wolf)

Take on the life of a drugged out teenager, who after taking a new hallucinogen, is thrown into a crazy new world.[Author’s Description]

(via indiegamehunt)

[Download for Windows]


  1. Dang, this is hard. I gave up on the Forest boss.
    But I think it was pretty cool, I like how everything changes a tiny bit when you die. It was really unsettling when the music started changing. I thought I just imagined that.

    • Yeah, couldn’t figure out the forest boss either. Liked the cave boss though.

      I saw on twitter that the author is working on a new version of this, so a more playable version might appear down the line.

  2. Great idea, but there are still some game breaking bugs. I finally beat the mace-throwing guy in the cave, then i got stuck in the wall, and had to restart the game. I would have played more if it wasnt for that.