Super Puzzle Platformer Plus (Andrew Morrish)

Super Puzzle Platformer PLUS, and Super Puzzle Platformer DELUXE are not the same game. All will be clear in the very near future.[Author’s Tweet]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I am terrible at this.

  2. Fun as hell.

  3. This is the masocore Wario Woods I never knew I wanted.

  4. Once you get up to level four you can reach a very tetris-like zen.

  5. I like how all the elements work together without seeming gimmicky. Very addictive.

    Also, seems the designer was a fan of Cave Story.

  6. This game is glorious. Tetris and Megaman had a baby and it is AWESOME.

    Compared with the first release, hazards have been increased (dynamite and cannons added), while the recoil on the gun has been decreased. The Star powerup is also new.

  7. Can anyone figure out how to get diamonds on this thing?

  8. ClockworkBastard

    The whole game, standalone, which I was waiting for a long time is finally released! (hope there will be a descent balance that lacked this Plus version)

    • Whomp whomp, Windows only. Wish I’d notice that before purchasing (or that Steam would maybe remind me that I’m on a Mac), but what can you do?