Reset (Lydia Neon)


Reset is a game about the bizarre, frightening, and exciting possibilities for kink in the cyborg / transhuman future. – [Author’s description]

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  1. i think this is my favorite game to have come out of the recent twine jam.

  2. This is pretty brilliant. If you play only one game from the Twine jam it should maybe be this one. And the beginning is just one of a number of beats it shifts through, so even if somehow you’re not taken by its starting point (which reminded me of George Saunders, who I’m a flat-out sucker for but I suppose might not be everyone’s cup of tea) do continue playing.

    (A word of caution: I’ve gotten in the habit of using the browser’s Back button to check out alternate paths while reading Twine games. With this one it’ll return you to the title page and not to your previous branch.)

  3. Yeah this is incredible. Like nobody said you should stay with it because it gets very interesting and scary very quickly.