Proke (pouchmouse)

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.28.11
Build a tower to the sky, using nothing but your own quick wits and linguistic fortitude.[Author’s statement]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Can you please send me an email!

  2. please mail me

  3. This is fun and compelling, but I can’t help but recognize (about 10 minutes too late) that it’s also one of those games in which the series of objectives overlaid over the main gameplay may trick you into playing beyond the point at which it is otherwise no longer so very fun and compelling. (If phones had full-sized keyboards this would be great for playing here and there.)

  4. The only objectives I really noticed were my own high scores, which I found sort of interesting to try and beat.

  5. This is really cool. It’s pretty exhilarating when you get a whole bunch of words in a row. I played an ungodly amount of this tonight.