Never Have I Ever (Molly Carroll and Ashton Raze)


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  1. I liked this one, I was half worried most of the way through it that they’d somehow scraped my Social Media Networking Identifiers and were writing down all the answers but this irrational worry HEIGHTENED THE EXPERIENCE. I was a bit disappointed with the end. The very last bit seemed like “we don’t know what else to say?” and the point where the final questions turned “very dark” seemed like an obvious/”absurd” way to take things whereas the writing up to there was very, very naturalistic, you could imagine an actual conversation evolving that way.

    I imagined a version that didn’t end. In my daydreams this would just keep going forever, somehow, it would scrape Google or OKCupid and utilize natural language processing technologies to somehow come up with a limitless number of combinations of actions which people perform. You just keep clicking. And clicking. They must have programmed in an end, you think.

    I did really like the increasingly pleading options to quit the game toward the end.

    One last thought. I’ve been thinking this week about the idea of Twine games structured like a conversation— where instead of the CYOA format of the text being the world and your clicks being your actions, the game author is like a storyteller speaking to you directly and the links are just your options in how to respond to them. The example I was thinking of before was mostly “Kim’s Story”, I don’t play enough Twine to know how common this approach is. This one is a really well done example of that though.