Mind Game (gert_johnny)

You’ve just been given telepathy! What will you do with it? All kinds of mischief, of course. [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Ooh, I like the concept and most of the puzzles. Took me a bit of time to get used to extracting thoughts — it’s possible to drop thoughts *too close* to the bottom-left corner. Only got 6/9 puzzles so far — haven’t figured out how to irritate the bank workers or fulfill the kid’s dream (even after making him think he already makes games).

    • You know, I’m stuck exactly that way. Makes you think there might be a bug. Probably? I mean, at least with Billy, the games thing should do the trick.

      • Yeah, stuck on the exact same puzzles. Might try again later, I thought this game was really neat.

        • Oh yeah, it is pretty neat. Maybe the game could do without the timer, but otherwise it’s really original, and the puzzles we did manage to solve are totally awesome.

          • I think that fulfilling Billy’s dream is a bug, because I tried to trigger it in every way possible and it didn’t work.

            There is a way to irritate the bank people, though. It turns out that if you do certain actions often enough, a new thought can be added into one of the worker’s head that will help solve the puzzle.

          • Duly noted. Will keep trying. This little game deserves it.

  2. The concept and mechanics are fantastic. A much larger game could be made from this. Imagine manipulating the thoughts of a whole city, maybe being able to carry a few thoughts at once.

    I’m stuck in the same place. If these are bugs, I hope the dev fixes them soon. Also, I’d like to play without the timer.