MASTABA SNOOPY (goddesses17)

mastaba snoopy


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  1. I saw this shit on Twitter and it made me finally think Twine can be something that I really flip out over.

  2. Amazing. Who is this gods17 genius?

  3. yeah this absolutely rules!! gods17 made another game which is different but equally great i think

    what a cool fucking person

  4. it also makes me wonder about the potentially hundred or thousands of tiny little communities with tiny little treasures hidden deep in their caves… astonishing art buried away, only seen by a handful of people. in this sense, i am so happy that there are sites like this one which are able to present these secret gems to the audience they deserve.

    i am rambling.. barf.. i like this game a whole lot.. yikes..

  5. It’s the Game of the Year, Charlie Brown.

  6. It’s wonderful, though the strange mention of ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of N.I.H.M.’ broke my immersion. I got over it, though.

  7. I felt peeved I couldn’t rewind after picking up the mask, but I persevered for another playthrough

    what the hell did I just read