Jelly no Puzzle (Qrostar)

ο½₯ This is a free puzzle game for Windows.
ο½₯ This is still a beta version.
ο½₯ English is not yet supported.
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Note: This game received a large update in February 2013, adding 20 levels and an english translation!

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  1. third one is impossible
    btw. right click moves the blocks to the right

  2. I passed the third one. It was pretty tricky. Hint: fgneg ol qebccvat gur gjb yrsgzbfg oybpxf qbja.

  3. I’m way into how these jiggle.

  4. I like how these all feel like reverse engineering, somehow? The solution always seems to be the most complex, ‘furthest’ state, even when there don’t appear to be that many elements in play.

    Definitely needs an increparesque infinite undo, though.

  5. The third one is not impossible! Think it through. There is a winning combination…

  6. Between this and Hanano Puzzle, I’m pretty sure Qrostar is the greatest.

  7. i solved the third, but now the forth seems impossible, i try later again

  8. can you do more than move left and right?

    • That is, I believe, all there is to do with the pieces.

      If there is anyone who can give me a nice big hint (or solution) to solve level 6, I’d love it.

      • For #6 it turns out there’s nothing super-unintuitive (though I admit when I opened it back up to figure out a hint to give I suddenly couldn’t see the solution clearly any more — I was looking for something trickier).

        Thought process to go through before moving any blocks, but not a solution:

        Blue block in the middle will need to get over to the blue block on the right and can’t ever drop more than one unit from its starting height.

        That rules out trying to send it down either of the two gaps adjacent to its platform. It’s going to have to cross that gap to its right without losing any height.

        So you’ll need to build something three units high to support it there.

        But you can’t move anything horizontally into that third position. (And there’s no way to move blocks upward in this game.)

        So you really only have one option!

  9. Made it to 16, lost my save, and now I am solidly stuck on 4 again. Any hints would be much appreciated.

    • Nevermind. Got it. To anyone else stuck here’s a hint: ROT13: guvax nobhg jnlf gb trg gung gnyy oyhr oybpx npebff gur fznyy tnc gb vgf evtug

  10. The current impossible level I am stuck on is level 16. Anyone figure this out?

    • 16’s the most recent one I completed. It’s really tricky because there are a bunch of different promising-seeming tactics to try and it’s hard to firmly rule any of them out.

      Not sure how much of a hint you’d like, but there are sort of two lynch-pins. I’ll try to make some vague-ish hints:

      I guess a first hint would be that indeed the L-shaped piece needs to be placed in one of the lowest possible positions. (This is intuitive in retrospect, but I spent a long time fruitlessly trying to work the L, the square, and the sideways T into a configuration that would let the jelly make it over the L otherwise.)

      A second hint would be that the jelly needs to be moved before the L is dropped into its final position. (This is lynchpin #2)

      A third hint would be which position the L needs to be dropped into, which for me wasn’t what I was assuming from the start.

      Hopefully that’ll be enough to help out but not so much as to feel like I’ve given it away?

  11. 17 is stumping me still and I might be ready for a hint.

    I think the only possible configuration for moving from the top half to the bottom is with a two-piece blue on the bottom and a two-piece green on top, making the entirety of the difficult part the bottom half of the screen, but I keep thinking there must be some tricky way of configuring them differently from the start, because as-is I’m left stumped once they reach the bottom.

  12. i cant figure this game out at all

    it doesnt help that you guys are speaking moon language when it comes to hints (thanks for that btw)

    stuck on no. 3 πŸ™

  13. Level 4 seems impossible! Any hints?

  14. Someone needs to make a walkthrough or this will be full of “ARGH LEVEL X WHAAAAAT” posts like this one:

    I’m stuck on Level 3 and I feel stupid.

  15. Looks like this version stops at level 20. Not sure if the developer is planning more levels, but if they are, we’ll be sure to update this post.

  16. Me and a friend got stuck at level 4 :/ Also, how do you guys read those hint things?

  17. Loving this game so far but am only 5 puzzles in. Will try some more tomorrow!

    Long time fan of, first time poster.


  18. Is level 20 even possible? I feel as though I’m constructing a minimalist shrine to futility.

  19. I really liked this game, so I went back through it and made hints for all the levels. Spoilers!

    These hints are intended to prod you in the right direction, not solve the puzzles completely.

    Level 1:
    * Controls are left click on a block to move it left, right click to move it right. Blocks can be stuck together vertically as well as horizontally.

    Level 2:
    * The first move is to move the left yellow block one square left, so that it falls into the pit.

    Level 3:
    * Aim to stick the yellow blocks together first.

    Level 4:
    * First create a horizontal blue block.

    Level 5:
    * The solution requires a vertical red stack.

    Level 6:
    * Again, the solution requires a vertical red stack.

    Level 7:
    * First create a horizontal blue block.

    Level 8:
    * Create a horizontal blue block.

    Level 9:
    * Use the right blue block to plug the middle pit.

    Level 10:
    * Keep the red block at the top until you’ve figured out a way to bridge the middle floating block and rightmost floating block together.

    Level 11:
    * The final layout is a four wide row of yellow blocks with the complex structure resting on top.

    Level 12:
    * The red block on the top right is attached at the very end, after you’ve started moving the blue block.

    Level 13:
    * The first move is to move the bottom left blue block left.

    Level 14:
    * Deal with the red block first, then come back for the green block.

    Level 15:
    * Create a 3×1 bridge on the left with the red blocks. You don’t need to attach the forth red block right away – wait until you’ve taken the block block safely across the gap.

    Level 16:
    * The L block sould eventually end up in the bottom right of the pit. You can take the red block underneath the 2×2 block, bypassing it.

    Level 17:
    * Don’t use the elevator – go over and around it. This way you can take the blue blocks down without attaching them right away.

    Level 18:
    * You need to carry one of the blank blocks over to the right, on top of the blue block. It’s only possible to do this with one block – don’t let it fall. The first move is to move the verical yellow block left, and plug the gap with the blank block on the right.

    Level 19:
    * The T shaped block should be the first to fall, followed by the block with the 3 horizontal green blocks, directly on top of it.

    Level 20:
    * The horizontal red block should fall first.

    • Terry, you are a saint.

    • :O I didn’t even think that level 15 could be solved that way.

      I got curious which one of the two solutions I found the hint here would point towards to, but it was actually a yet another solution.

      So here’s hints for the two other solutions for
      Level 15:
      – Solution #2: Create 2 separate 2×1 blocks with the red jellies
      – Solution #3: Don’t touch the rightmost green jelly at all until you have combined everything else

    • Level 17 – How do I go around the elevator!? is there some kind of invisible path? the elevator blocks everything no matter what I push. Officially going nuts over here

  20. wohoo, finished. good levels!

  21. Really liked it. Does anyone know similar puzzle games?

  22. I ll try and translate some of the screens.
    Actually I don’t think it is needed but just for fun πŸ™‚

    Introduction screen

    – Control with mouse
    – Save is automatic

    – This is still beta, please tell me if you find any bug

    Screen 1

    – I’ll explain the rules simply (click on the arrow on the right)
    – Below are some colorful jellies right. You can move them to the left with left click, to the right with right click. 2 jellies of similar colors can merge. If you merge all of them you clear the level.
    With “yarinaoshi” (try again) button you can retry as much as you wish.
    that’all, go for it (it may be harder than it looks)

  23. Windows only makes me sad πŸ™

  24. Level 27. No idea. Just none.

    • Lv 27 spoiler:

      The bottom blue block can push up the platform once, then slide to the left the grown blue block to push down. The other blue block you bring to the bottom can make a second push up.

      In the first push up, connect red and yellow to the ceiling. In the second push up, connect green. You have to make some travels to arrange the order of colours before the first push up:
      [Yellow] – – [Red]
      [Black] – [Green] – [Blue]

    • Sorry, I messed up:

      [Yellow] [Red]
      [Green] [Black] [Blue]

  25. this is murdering me, and I am on level 4. I am clearly a dumdum.

  26. Can anybody help me with levels 24, 28 and 35?

    • Made a comment to this earlier, but I think the internet ate it.

      for level 24 –

      hint 1: focus on getting the yellow on the right to the left

      hint 2: both blue blocks and yellow blocks must be combined into horizontals

      no idea on the others, i’m stuck on 28 myself

  27. Level 21:

    Hint: Send the left blue jelly to the pit.

    Spoiler: Grow the red jelly with the other red jelly near so that they merge into a 3-jelly, lifting both green and blue.

    Level 22:
    Hint: Don’t touch the left green jelly until the end.

    Spoiler:Use the red jelly to push up the blue jelly. The left gap is filled using the lef green jelly vertically with the other green jelly.

    Level 23:
    Hint: Combine horizontally the blue jellies.

    Spoiler: Use the blue platform to ensure that green goes onto red. Grow red so that it lifts green over the obstacle.

    Level 24:
    Hint: Focus on getting the yellow on the right to the left, combining it horizontally with the other yellow so that they can walk through the gaps.
    Both blue blocks must be combined horizontally.

    Spoiler: First put the red jelly onto the green line, then try to combine the blue blocks just above red. You will need to use the left green jelly
    to make the blue combine, but don’t forget to bring the middle green jelly to the left, because you need a green jelly at the left.

    Level 25:
    Spoiler: First grow the green jelly using the right line.
    Then grow using the left line (use the other black block to avoid growing at the center line)

    Level 26:
    Spoiler: Grow first the top right jelly.
    Move its black floor so that it falls one story.
    Grow the jelly of that story, but don’t combine the two verticals into a big square.
    Grow the bottom jelly, slide the floor, get all verticals into the bottom, combine them.

    Level 27:
    Hint: The bottom blue block can push up the platform once, then slide to the left the grown blue block to push down.
    The other blue block you bring to the bottom can make a second push up.

    Spoiler: In the first push up, connect red and yellow to the ceiling.
    In the second push up, connect green. You have to make some travels to arrange the order of colours before the first push up:
    [Yellow] [Red]
    [Green] [Black] [Blue]

    Level 28:
    No idea

    Level 29:
    Spoiler: Move left blocks left, right blocks right (but don’t let anyone fall)
    Red falls into bottom gap, merging with red.
    Then connect yellow, green and then blue.

    Level 30:
    So easy it doesn’t need explanation!

    Level 31:
    Hint: both two top red jellies should follow the same path (left or right), but don’t combine them.

    Spoiler:In order to gather the blue jellies, you need help from a red jelly only in one of the two paths.
    Combine horizontally the red jellies on top of the black block. Slide them over a green jelly to fill the red gap.

    Level 32:
    Hint: You have to build the square around the two-squared obstacle at the middle of the screen.

    Spoiler: Drop down [Yellow-Red]. On top of it, slide [Red-Blue] to form a bridge. Over that bridge, use the black block to move [Green-Blue]
    to the farthest right. But before dropping [Green-Blue], slide below [Red-Blue] so that the blue of [Green-Blue] falls on top of the blue
    of [Red-Blue]. The rest is easy.

    Level 33:
    Hint: Top-right black block should go on bottom-right position. The “L” block is never used.

    Spoiler:The bridge doesn’t have to be completed for the red jelly to grow on the left.
    Then, the grown jelly can slide its way to the right over one-square gaps.
    Final black block configuration: [“J”-shaped][square][“7”-shaped][“r”-shaped]

    Level 34:
    Spoiler: Begin moving the top right [black-red] block to the left, pushing the top left [black-red] block.
    Drop these two [black-red] blocks on top of the green jelly, grow it and use the structure to guide the blue jelly to the right.
    Move the green jelly to the right and bring in the last two [black-red] blocks to form the square, bringing the blue jelly with the last of them.

    Level 35:
    No idea

    Level 36:
    Hint:The yellow jelly is just decoration. No need to merge nor save it!
    We want to push the black block up to set the red jelly free.

    Spoiler: You want to combine them into: vertical red, vertical blue, horizontal green.
    Hint: Drop all the top jellies into a pile, except for the last one. Then try things until you have
    the vertical blue to the right of the vertical red and the horizontal green on top of both.

    Level 37:
    Hint: move first yellow to the left, over the obstacle, while the bridge is unfinished for green

    Spoiler: First thing to do is park to the left the triple red jelly on top of the black block.
    Then build a building at the right using the double jelly next to yellow, using green and the black block to place it.
    Then slide the triple jelly at the top to the right, on top of green, making a bridge only for yellow.
    Yellow can now grow. Guide her using the black block and the triple red jelly parked at the left.
    Use yellow as the lefmost pice of your bridge in order for green to cross.

    • Still no idea on #28. What an elegant puzzle!


      level 35 –

      hint: find a way to move the red block under the tall blue corner

      – blue U block 2R
      – blue C block 8R
      – yellow horizontal 5R
      – red 2L
      – yellow horiz. 1L
      – blue U 1R
      – tall blue 1R
      – red 7L
      – blue C 1L
      – yellow vertical 8L

    • They’re missing above, so

      Level 38 –
      HINT 1: blue blocks are the first to join together
      HINT 2: all blocks need to be in the bottom at the end
      HINT 3: the blue blocks should eventually form an L shape

      Level 39 –
      HINT 1: black drops first
      HINT 2: try not to form any groups until you absolutely must
      HINT 3: yellow and blue will end up in the pit

      • With level 38 I believe that near the end, the red needs to have a yellow on top, and that the blue L is used to push them on to the red line so that the yellow can push the green up. After which the yellow can come back down to meet up with the other yellow in the hole.

        What’s getting me though, is how to get the yellow on top of the red in the first place, without missing out on bring any pieces past that first hole that they have to get past.

  28. I was absolutely positive that level 28 was impossible, but I just solved it.

    This is what it looks in solved state:

    • except that it does not…

      Why did I save the image as gif where black is transparent?

    • Until I saw your image, I was also thinking that it was impossible.


      How did you solve it?

      • I reply to myself:

        Level 28 Hints:

        -Form a “7” shaped triple green block using the initial green jelly.
        -Put a blue jelly on the empty spot of the triple green block.
        -Move the (3 greens + 1 blue) into the blue line. The grown blue will push the triple greens up. Now that the green jellies are above ground, pass the initial blue jelly behind. Now you have the jelly colors arranged right.

  29. I fear that Level 40 will only appear if we beat all the other levels. I’m still failing 38, but I have beaten 39.

    Level 39

    Hint: combine blue horizontally and keep them on top of the other pieces. Green and Red: one of these colors should be horizontally combined, the other one shouldn’t.


    -Left Yellow (move Right)
    -Left Blue (move Right)
    -Left Yellow (move Left)
    -We have created a double horizontal red with a blue on top.
    -Drop down the black platform and send into the other side the double red with blue on top.
    -Right Yellow (move Left)
    -Right Blue (move Left)
    -We don’t want to combine the greens.
    -Instead, we combine the two blues horizontally while they are on top of red.
    -Send left Yellow into pit.
    -Take to the left the double red, with the double blue on top, and a single green.
    -Stuff them into the leftmost part (the green cannot grow because the double blue blocks it).
    -Take the single Yellow and then the single Green to the left, keep them near but don’t merge anything.
    -Take the double blue and slide it above the rest of the pieces without falling (it’s a double piece so can hover through gaps).
    -Left green will grow into double vertical green as soon as the double blue goes away.
    -Move the double blue, which should be on top of the single yellow and green, to the righmost part.
    -Throw the double vertical green into the pit.
    -Move red to the rightmost part, under the blue double.
    -Slide the blue double a bit to the left, so that red can grow, but keep the blue on top of red.
    -Slide to the left side the single yellow and green, on top of the single green and double green on the pit. Done!

    • I had a different solution, they both work though:

      – drop black, move 1R
      – move bottom green all the way left and grow it
      – drop right blue into the far left of the pit
      – drop right yellow into the far right of the pit
      – shove green all the way to the right, they should fit snugly in the corner
      – move left yellow right twice
      – combine the red blocks horizontally, move all the way to the right and grow the ground block
      – slide the yellow block all the way to the right and combine with the other yellow
      – combine the blue blocks

      • I also solved it differently πŸ™‚

        – On the left, make a R-B-YR formation (where ‘-‘ separates the layers).
        – On the right, make B-RYR.
        – Combine the blue without dropping anything down.
        – Drop the bottom red to the leftmost side of the pit.
        – Move the yellow and green blocks left, so that the left yellow is directly below a red block.
        – Move the blue right.
        – Move the upper red right.
        – Move the left yellow right.
        – Move the blue all the way right while carrying the red.
        – Drop the two yellows into the pit.
        – Combine the green and move them as far left as possible.
        – Combine the red.

  30. 38 is unpossible

  31. “All levels cleared!!!!”

    Spoiler warning for level 40 solved state!

    I have to say the last one is my favorite of all the puzzles.
    Even though I don’t think it was the hardest, it still made me think it was impossible more times than any of the others.

  32. ALL CLEARED!!! πŸ˜€

    Level 40 Hints (I won’t spoiler this level):

    -You want to make a horizontal double yellow platform to pick up the red jellies on the right.
    -You need to place a jelly on the top left to block the grower in order to be able to make this double horizontal yellow platform
    -Eventually you’ll have to grow the yellow platform, but before that, make something with it.

  33. Beat it :3

  34. Oh wow, level 30 is so beautiful

  35. Level 38 seems impossible – any other hints?

    I have all the blocks at the bottom.

    I also have a horizontal yellow, but how do you use the single blue without it joining to the double blue?

  36. Can anyone help me with level 23? I see the long list of hints but, even with the spoiler I still can’t beat it.

    • Make sure you get the single red block (from above) to sit on the left side of the single green block, both of them sitting on the horizontal blue block.

      Maybe that’s too much info, but I suck at hints anyway. 😳

  37. It seems that the hint and spoiler for level 21 aren’t enough for my tired old brain to handle.

    Level 21:
    Hint: Send the left blue jelly to the pit.
    Spoiler: Grow the red jelly with the other red jelly near so that they merge into a 3-jelly, lifting both green and blue.

    I cannot seem to figure out how to get the right blue jelly across to the left one.

    • I finally got there. The last clue that was needed to do level 21 was to move the green block away again, so that blue could get through.

  38. Gahh! I have all but 38 completed, and I can’t seem to follow the hints you guys have given. >_<

    • Keep the yellow blocks separate until the very end. You’ll be using the L-shaped blue block to push in the red for that one spot.

      Just keep a yellow block back up top until you’re ready to bring it down (with the L-shaped block you’ve made).

  39. I finished the whole game a few days ago. What an elegant puzzle game, it’s one of my favorites of all time. Playing with friends was extremely helpful, it felt like everyone always had an idea to offer up. I can’t wait to see more puzzles in the future πŸ˜€

  40. This really is insanely hard! I’m terrible at it! I love it!